Monday, 13 June 2016

Trend Alert: Tulip pants and how to style them

This post is going to be about the trending tulip pants that can be worn with short and medium length kameez/kurtas as well as box-cut kurtas. However, it is not necessary that the trending style suits your body type. So as it is important to follow trends, it's equally important to style yourself in a way that it looks good on your body.

As we know Tulip Pants can be made in different ways. One of them is shalwar style that has chunnats in it.These will look good on skinny girls. These are by Cotton Ginny and Rema.

Straight Tulip pants look good on both skinny and chubby girls. For the chubby girls as I have observed, the lesser chunnats the tulip pant will have, the better it will look. These pants are by Rema. 

Not only can Tulip Pants be worn casually, you can wear them on different formal events as well.
These super gorgeous embellished and cut work pants by Sammy K. and Barae Khanom will look good on formal events and as they're stitched pants style, they will look good on all body types. 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Must have make up products for an everyday look

As we all know, garmi this year has broken record. Applying make up in such a weather can become a big disaster if proper products are not used, SPECIALLY for people with oily skin. 

So we're gonna start with the make up products you MUST have in your makeup bag for summer for an everyday college or office look. 

Step 1
For the base, first thing you need is a BB cream as it has everything in it. Its an all-in-one kinda product. My most favorite are La Girl Pro BB Cream and Rimmel London Skin Perfecting BB cream. They're super light weight and feel like you have nothing on. Just apply it evenly on your face and when there is a little amount left on your fingers apply that on your eyelids.
 This one is for oily skin types, it is matte in texture and super light weight. If your skin gets really greasy in summers. This one is PERFECT for you.
This one on the other hand is for normal skin types. Some people, like me, have dry skin even in summers. This one is perfect for normal to dry skin types. 

The La Girl BB cream is suitable for all skin types as it gives a soft finish. The best thing about this one is that it comes in different shades. Literally every shades to match your skin color ANDDDD it blends in PERFECTLY.

Step 2
After applying the BB Cream, you need to apply concealer under your eyes, the side of your nose, or any other area you want to hide dark spots from. Most of our Pakistani women have black kinda dark circles. To cover those you need an orange or red corrector. My favorite is La Girl HD Pro Orange corrector.

 If you don't have an orange corrector, simply apply some red lipstick for the dark circles. 
All you need to do is apply the corrector or the red lipstick under your eye in a triangle and dab it with your finger.

Step 3
After correcting, you need to highlight with a concealer. For that you can use the LA Girl Pro conceal or Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. The shade must be the same as your skin or a tone lighter. Make a triangle under your eyes, on your chin and your forehead and use a beauty blender to blend it in. If you don't have a beauty blender just blend it with your fingers.

Step 4
After that you need to set the concealer with powder. The one I am using these days is Maybelline 24 hour Super Stay Powder. It is waterproof so it won't just melt away with the sweat and it will set the concealer so it doesn't look cake-y. You can use a foundation brush to apply however if you don't have it just use the sponge that comes with the powder.

Step 4
For your cheeks you can use LA Girl Velvet Blush. My favorite in it is the shade Dreamy or Benefit PosieTint. They give a natural pink cheeks look. Just apply some on the apple of your cheeks and blend it in with your fingers for that natural finish.

Step 5
Lastly you need to finish the look by applying some mascara and a lipstick. First apply some mascara. Use Maybelline Great Lash, it is my all time ABSOLUTE FAVORITEEE.  After that for natural soft lips you can use the same Benefit PosieTint on your lips as well as it is a cheek and lip stain or La Girl Matte Flat Lipstick in Snuggle. They're both super light and look good on all skin colors. Just apply some on your lips and even it out with your finger. If you wanna go for a more summer-y peachy look you can apply La Girl Matte Flat Lipstick in Frisky. 

So.... quite confused right now about what to write. 

Anyways, THIS is my beauty and fashion blog and I will be posting swatches, reviews and tips on makeup as well as latest fashion trends and what not. As I am from Pakistan hence most of the things I post will be for our Pakistani girlies. 

Keep following my blog and send an email on if you have any query or you want make up or fashion tips, wanna know about the latest trends, what product will suit your skin type, what type of clothes will look good on your body type and so on. 

Hoping to make the best of your and my time.