Monday, 13 June 2016

Trend Alert: Tulip pants and how to style them

This post is going to be about the trending tulip pants that can be worn with short and medium length kameez/kurtas as well as box-cut kurtas. However, it is not necessary that the trending style suits your body type. So as it is important to follow trends, it's equally important to style yourself in a way that it looks good on your body.

As we know Tulip Pants can be made in different ways. One of them is shalwar style that has chunnats in it.These will look good on skinny girls. These are by Cotton Ginny and Rema.

Straight Tulip pants look good on both skinny and chubby girls. For the chubby girls as I have observed, the lesser chunnats the tulip pant will have, the better it will look. These pants are by Rema. 

Not only can Tulip Pants be worn casually, you can wear them on different formal events as well.
These super gorgeous embellished and cut work pants by Sammy K. and Barae Khanom will look good on formal events and as they're stitched pants style, they will look good on all body types. 

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